As an entrepreneur, author, English teacher online ( www.LearnEnglishAbc.comwww.LearnEnglishAsia.com)  photographer and videographer I enjoy photography the most. Traveling and working to enjoy life.   I am a purest in the context I do tweak my photos.  My belief if I take a poor photo oh well, it was not meant to be. I like taking photos of the experience and for everyone to enjoy the adventure through photography, because life is an adventure.  Taking photos and videos of nature, animals, birds, flowers, sunsets, and great scenery is a passion.  Also making videos about peoples art work is a creative mix of photograph, video, and the artist taking about their work. 

Most of us now have cell phones with a camera and they do take some excellent pictures. However, I like to take a camera and a lens and be able to set up or look for the opportunity to take the picture.  I look for the lighting and the setting and think will this make good shot or a great shot. And all I want is a great shot. Most of all I like to just go places to see what is there and can the moment be shared with others.  

You can see the photos at www.Skerstonas.com and click on the link here to see the videos.  

Due to the corona virus traveling I will not be traveling.  As soon as it is safe to travel, I’ll be back on the road making videos and taking photos.  Then I’ll try and post two or more videos a week. Entrepreneur, author (Best Little Real Estate Investment BookThe 4th Revolution: Automation, Robots and AI) photographervideographer, Moto: Life is an adventure grab it and enjoy.